Reverse Glass Painting – is the main technique of my artworks. Regardless its complexity as the painting is done on the side reversed to the audience, this technique gives a lot of possibilities which are far behind two dimensional art  (one can create three dimensional pictures) and pictures are almost the sculpture.

I guess, one of the reasons why I’ve been fond of the glass painting was the door

A room door + shortages during the soviet time + (the most important) my father who was an artist and painted flowers on our doors + tedium, no Internet, a lot of free time, so I could spend almost endless time glazing at those flowers in my childhood:

How they were changing the colors when the light was different or when the door was shifted, and the cupboard, wall, sofa, or windows became a background.

Series "Unreal Reality"

This series includes extensive pieces of art where the landscape is on several glass layers.

Series "Traveling In Time"

This is the series of two and four plans/dimensions artworks where there are different time seasons… And you can walk through space and time.

Series "Memory"

The series is united by one idea and reflections on the fact that so often a kind of "memory box" remains after a person ...

Series "Fluent Translation"

Verses, where each word is reproduced by an individual image

Gallery Of Pictures On The Glass

Reverce Glass Paintings were created in different years