Once, when I was a child, my parents took me to Uzhhorod Regional Museum of Local Lore. There I saw the exhibits with animals, birds, and herbaria, which were very popular in such museums that time.

Among them there was one impressing me. There was some nice landscape, meadows, birds, a hut behind the glass.

At that time, I did not understand why we couldnt take that glass box home.

When the pandemic started, I got a desire to create so calledpossiblesites and landscapes to make up for the shortages in the childhood and present lack of travels.

This series includes extensive pieces of art where the landscape is on several glass layers.

The foreground is painted on the first glass, the middle ground on the second or third, and the background on the furthest glass.

The landscapes are all about my adorable mountains, forests, water streams; some of them are real, and some are imagined which I’ve tried to integrate into an ideal world where I wish to be.

Meadows. 2020 glass,oil 55х50 cm

This mountain landscape depicts grass and wildflowers that fill almost the entire surface of the glass, pushing the trees, the house and the mountains to the top of the picture.
The central group of flowers at the bottom of the composition, the lighted  trees in the upper left corner, and the tree at the top of the slope repeat a kind of compositional triangle. It was designed to encourage the viewer to “walk” on the sunlit top of the slope.
Drawing and looking at this picture, I have repeatedly experienced the wonderful feelings that travelers feel on a summer day in the mountains.

Pass way. 2020 glass, oil 50х58 cm

This reverse glass painting depicting an evening mountain landscape. The composition is placed on 3 layers of glass. The foreground and middle plan are as detailed as possible, and the mountain in the background is depicted with much less contrast. Also, the thickness of 3 layers of glass seems to mute the colors and slightly enhances the effect of aerial perspective in the picture.

August 2020 glass, oil 47х58 cm

Crossroads. 2020, glass, oil, 47x58 cm.

The series also includes several unfinished works.

To be continued…