“Traveling In Time” – reverse glass pictures with two-four glass-levels, where periods of time moves away accordingly to perspective: autumn- winter-spring …, evening-night-morning…

Choice. 2016. glass. oil 42х60 cm


Here I intentionally used the depth in the perspective of the landscape scenery and the depth of the room equaling them in representing a different glass of this multilayered picture as a different season.

Spring 2017 glass,oil. 42х50

Another picture from the series “Travel in Time”.

In her plan, a certain trick with an ambiguous perception of visible space was used.

Visually, it is a corridor with a landscape outside the window.

But if you take into account the name of the series, then each layer of glass and each segment of this corridor can be perceived as a moment in time and a small room with a changing landscape outside the window.

It is possible that this image of the landscape arose because of the valley flooded in the spring outside the windows of the room, where I once lived.

Spring. 2017. glass, oil

Apple Tree. 2017. glass, oil 45х60

Apple Tree. 2017 glass, oil

The painting “Apple Trees” is a reflection on the possibility of being in the moment before  those famous apples: Adam, Newton, Steve …

and how could it be otherwise.

The composition is divided by horizontal stripes. a strip of yellow autumn crowns peeks through the still green leaves. And the white stripe  is the lying snow.

Train. 2015.glass, oil 40х50 cm

Here are 8 layers used for this picture where a viewer can see a train carriage, and the landscape is changed behind windows as a day goes.

Train. 2015. glass, oil

Good of Time. 2015. glass, oil 54х58

The picture God of Time is the central work of the series.

I’ve seen it at the border of surrealism and full of symbols. Here there are different pictures of timepieces like a sand-glass, mechanical clock, sun clock, and the change of seasons as a symbol of the calendar.

 The picture reflects some thoughts about fluidity of time, sharp desire to influence on the life spent and about the choice, we’re making now.

 Since quite some time, Ive been keen on interactive art forms where the objects arent indifferent to people, thoughts about heatsensitive paints changing its colour from a touch or breath, or about sensitive substances changing their shapes or size when a human is approaching. Because of nonavailability, many years I practices ceramics making pennywhistles, as the glue was discovered by me as a great substitute, which could make sound. Later I started using the light and shadow against the dots on the glass, it was a kind of sun glass in my pieces of art. And a viewer can understand the light and time reflected in the picture.

 The layout of the work is built on the ground of the sand glass outline which is looked through from the diagonals to the center. A grain of sand  (a centre stage is the point of the perspective ascension) represents a moment of present time. It’s freezing-up and shadows the background (as it is drawn on another glass layer) being the clock hand at the same time. By that sun glass, I wanted to emphasize that we could not influence the real time ( at least still) even if we’re begging or praying, but we can change our attitude to the time and the consequences  as well.


God of Time.2015 (details)
God of Time. 2015. скло,олія

This point is a grain of sand, a symbol of the beginning (I see it at the moment before the Big Bang as a seed or ovicell, the start of the picture when the thought is becoming materialized. It is surrounded by the space  divided into zones: the upper one, which is light blue as a spiritual life of a human, alongside there’s a kind of a calendar with the seasons, and the lower reflecting the material life, when a human is down-to earth and busy mainly with daily routines.

The biggest part of the day, the sun glass has the upper or side light, and only when there’s the light from the lower part as a candle for a prayer calling up thoughts about spiritual things and the time not limited by years.


Mornings. 2016. glass, oil 50х58 cm

The picture shows part of the lobby of the office.

The interior is located on many layers of glass, at the moment of realization that it is a series of “Time Travels” and here each layer of glass means a period of time, the corridor visible to the eye turns into a small lobby.

Behind the large window from a slight change in weather changes the lighting in the landscape.

Mornings. 2016. glass, oil