The collection of bottles of weird shape, glass painting and ceramist background were determined to come across once. 

The painting on glass gave the drawing skills when an artist uses a reverse side of the glass (oil paints are sensitive to scratches). Opposed to common painting, where we make the background first, then we draw a picture, on the glass we work on the contrary: first we draw the main figures, then they are covered by the background, and turned to its outer surface. 

Practicing ceramics, I obtained a skill to ornament vases where I had to join ornaments seamless, to zone the space, in particular to specify the working zones on the vase where the picture would be seen the best way, and so called resting zones. 

I tried to find a specific accent and interesting picture for biggest part of round-shaped bottles.

Series Greece

This series of bottles, painted inside, inspired by a trip to the picturesque coasts of Greece in 2019.

Series Messages

These are short poems, united by the theme of a romantic relationship with another person. The metamorphoses of this connection are described from the first to the last bottle.

Gallery of Bottles Painted Inside (2019-2020)

Bottles were painted in recent years.

Gallery of Bottles Painted Inside (1997-2019)

Paintings in the middle of the bottle from previous years