After more than 20 years of creativity and hundreds of works, I still treat each new work as the only one for life, and the process of its creation, as the only chance to do something special, the best I can do.

It is difficult to say why artists paint at all. In my case, since I was a child I watched the process of painting and just can’t imagine my life without this magic.

At the beginning an idea appears, and then material is chosen, after – execution technique.

Painting on glass is divided into some series:

“Unreal reality” -is curent series with realistic landscapes, which is composed from photos from my trips and dreams.

“Traveling in time” – reverse glass oil  paintings with two-four glass-levels, where periods of time moves away accordingly to perspective: autumn- winter-spring …, evening-night-morning…

“Fluent translation”- verses, where each word is reproduced by an individual image;

“Temperature painting” – each colour represents temperature in accordance with scale on picture’s side;

The pictures were painted with oil on glass on the opposite side from a spectator. Sometimes I use appliqués made from glass, ink, metal, gilding. I use two-three levels of glass. It makes possible to create an additional effect of perspective and volume.

I liked to use bottles for interior decoration, and then some ideas appeared. At the present time I paint it inside with oil. For this purpose I use flexible brushes for different bottle forms and deepness of picture location. Painting in bottles is always means a message cork inside.

I recently thought that I didn’t like it so much as while studying to be an artist someone  edited and painted my works. I didn’t like it so much that it drove me to the other side of the glass. The complexity of the technique, the need for painting alla prima, the difficulty (and sometimes the impossibility of correcting errors and restoration) – this is a kind of payment for independence.