Sometimes it appeared to me that all my past experience in bottles painting was a practice needed to create this series.

The text messages are written and corked in eight bottles of the same shape. It is a short poems about the love story between the two. All transformations caused by the affair are described in the messages from the first to the last bottle.  

The pictures are extremely minimalist, and the epoxy resin was used to make the corks transparent.

And I beg your apologize for the translation. I still don’t speak English fluent enough to translate poetry.

1. TEMPTATION    2015 glass, oil 

Who are you

For been in my dream each night?

And seems me in the crowd each day?

I want to close my eyes inside

And outside

In order  to not see such dreams again

Your patient predatory sight

Amid the apple blooming

 I know this titillating tail

2. MEETING 2015, glass, oil

I want to tell you so much

I get another dimension

When I am meeting by chance with you.

Here is the rainbow across the sky,
And the singing bird,
And flying with zero gravity.

Everything is clear and true

and words are not important.
Here are the flashes in the night,
And the silence in the darkness
And the gentle touches.

Here, desires escape over the edge …
But there is a nod in reply:
What’s up? Yes?

3.CONTACT (Drunk thoughts ) 

We will all die. 

Time does not stop.
We came alone, and will go alone
Let’s quickly take up our arms
Until not fall into the void                          
From which there is no return.

All. Here. Now.
Kiss me, kiss!
My precious life!

4. THE UNCERTAINTY 2015 glass, oil 

This day has passed as hundreds of days before it   

Without sadness and attempts to reconcile

Water washed away your gentle touches

But has not washed away the desire

To feel your touch again.

Between us words were lost in expectation

As a drop in a fog

As a moment lost in time… 

5.REQUIEM FOR A WEDDING GIFT 2015 glass, oil 

Isn’t it sad?

No love, no carnal fun

Are these reasons for the death of a bed sheet?

For travel from the left cheek to the right
and turn around
as the inspector Insomnia had torn a ticket.

6.SPRING SEASON 2015 glass, oil

You have not seen
As autumn time has come
Around only gray mist.

They say, that you cannot find
A needle in  a haystack.
In a crowd, I’ll help you find me.     

They say, after the fall season
The winter freezes blood.
You will awaken me

In the morning rays.

And I’ll whisper that the spring is coming



7.CONTINUED 2015 glass, oil 

Already all   has happened,
What is next?
It seems no pain, no sorrow
The clock is ticking,

pulse beating
I should put the point.
time puts the ellipsis …

Had burned all!

With coal from ashes
Now should  I write again your number
or should I make

the beautiful line on eyes?

8.  MESSAGE 2015 glass, oil

You live without me,
And breathe without me,
My fluids do not reach through the distance

The letter is unfinished,

Is white as the first snow

Where there aren’t words yet


How big is chance?

In a vacuum of silence,

On this big planet,

In this huge world

Just in this life, before the end

Will  my message be read

and in your hands?

In the 5 years since the series was created, my epoxy cork have darkened, and maybe I’ll have a chance to see how time will make them look like amber.