Two passions. Mountains and sea.

Two bottles from the series “Inner life” Mountains and the Sea (2016) are united by a love of travel.

I wanted the pictures to look like paper corked in a bottle ( like a message). In this case, like the photos from vacation.

As usual, the bottles are painted inside with oil paints. Unusual for me in this series is that by covering the primary painting with several layers of paint, as if priming it, it remains visible from the outside of the bottle, but from the inside serves as a ground for another picture.

The inside of the bottle “Sea” depicts the houses of the old town.

The inter side of the “Mountain” bottle depicts the interior of a wooden house with a burning fireplace.

To make the bottles look more cohesive and unified with the theme, the doors are painted in the internal objections, from which you can see the scenery on the other side of the bottle.

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